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Owning a sex doll – The pro and cons

Sometimes you may wonder if getting adult sex dolls were the best choice. It’ll be that small gnawing thought that surfaced once in a while. This may haunt you or in some cases you could care less. Regardless of which category you find yourself there is an answer that fits.

You’ll come to notice that everything has two sides to it. The advantage and the bad side to it. There’s always need to create a balance and that’s all you need to enjoy sex with your flat chested sex doll. Don’t forget, life isn’t that complex!

The pro of owning an adult love doll

There are a whole lot of benefits to owning a sex doll. It ranges from absolute sensual pleasure to top tier sex. Now let’s find the many advantages that comes with owning an adult doll;

  1. Free will: The adult love doll gives you absolute free will to your sex life. It allows you enjoy the best sex experience stuck in your mind. You’re allowed to try out as much sexual fantasies deep in your mind. All you need to do is allow your mind be and enjoy your flat chested sex doll.
  2. Confidence: Owning an adult sex doll do come with a certain kind of confidence. The kind that allows you prance about with shoulders high. Especially after a great sex with your flat chested adult sex doll. You’ll surely feel elated after this.
  3. A treasure chest of sex experiences: The adult love doll unlocks a new adventure of sensual pleasure. You’ll find that you can try out several sex position with your flat chested sex doll. This can be the missionary or maybe the doggy style. There are a few who prefer the spooning position. All you need to is stick with one.

The cons of owning adult dolls

The other side to owning a sex doll can be a tad bit discouraging. It’s necessary to learn that ensuring a balance is absolutely necessary. Let’s see the cons of owning an adult sex doll:

  1. It may seem like masturbation: Since your mind is basically doing the most via your imagination it may seem like a regular hand job. Considering how sex is like a dance of tango, two people play their part. Sex with the small breast sex doll might seem like boring, especially if you’re not tapping into your creative side.
  2. Lack of affection: The adult sex dolls have this lifeless look despite the human resemblance. You can’t enjoy a full embrace like a human partner would offer. Even though the flat chested love doll can seem like a sort of dream come through. You’ll certainly find its usefulness during sexcapades.


If you’ve never owned adult sex dolls it’s time to get one. You wouldn’t want to miss the benefit of owning a flat chested sex doll. These dolls are certainly pleasurable and promises you a sensual experience.

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