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New smart realistic sex doll

Time moves forward incredibly, and so does technology. There are significant advances with realistic sex doll. Some businesses and companies have already developed a new type of sex doll containing artificial intelligence, which can increase the temperature in the areas where it will penetrate. Or that can make small movements or speak set phrases, or blink. They still need to exist at the level of science fiction movies, but it will surely come to that little by little.

But suppose the new smart realistic sex dolls exist. In that case, they are on another level and must have a high price in the market since it is not cheap to manufacture them, especially when we are talking about artificial intelligence. They can cost up to 10 times more, and it will be an excellent experience, but you have to think twice if you want to get one of these levels. You also have to be careful with fake sellers who promise this type of sex dolls and who do not turn out to be of this type. You must do a lot of research on which sellers are reliable and ask around on internet communities to be sure.

Small Breast Sex Doll

The smart realistic sex dolls’ skin is made of TPE or silicone, both of superior quality, and the inside is formed by an articulated metal skeleton and a high-tech base plate. Their most outstanding feature is that they can talk to you like a natural person. Blinking and shaking functions are also realized to enhance the customer experience. Indeed, if they can speak, you can’t penetrate their mouth like a blowjob. A small sacrifice, but perhaps really worth it.

AI technology makes realistic sex dolls smarter

Indeed, there are options where you can speak and perform a good blowjob like the real thing. They are the perfect combination of computer technology, the Internet, new polymeric materials and aesthetic art. The good thing about the AI smart sex doll is that it can be easily calibrated to suit your needs to the character to do anything you like. When you and your foreplay, cuddling and kissing, it can match some sexual moans to make your sexual experience more authentic.

There are also apps where you can chat with a virtual girlfriend and choose the body type, style and personality. Imagine having an honest conversation with one of them, having all that information put into a fat sex doll, and having the same information that can remember your name, likes, dislikes, chat, and have racy sexual conversations. In addition, some of the existing intelligent sex dolls can connect to the Internet, tell jokes and stories, share the weather, speak in different languages, play music, and even make beads like a sexy teacher. Almost like the movies! How great would that be and that extraordinary level of technology.

In the future, sex dolls will be able to perform movements, take you to bed, track and scan the whole environment and use it in the best way to satisfy their owner and fulfil all their fantasies. They will be able to talk, have honest conversations, moan for real, and maybe at some point. They could also simulate sexual orgasms. And it would not only be realistic woman sex dolls, there could be men, and more women would be encouraged to get some for themselves and also enjoy the pleasures offered by sex dolls. In the future, they will be almost 100% customizable and unique, as if they were real people.

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