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For Newbies: How Do You Use Adult Dolls?

Every day technology advances, and with this, adult dolls are becoming more and more realistic. If you still don’t know what a Sex Doll is, it is a doll to satisfy sexual needs. Its skin and touch are delicate and realistic, made of thin silicone or TPE, similar to human skin. Almost all dolls have the option to heat to an equal temperature of 37°, the ideal temperature for the human body. This way, it feels like being with a real person, and we will not discuss many more features in this article.

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Now, to the important thing of how to use a sex doll, how can I enjoy them and fulfill my sexual fantasies? First of all, before buying any sex doll, you should know that they are quite heavy; the box can weigh between 50 pounds to 70 pounds, that’s quite heavy! If you can’t lift much weight or you don’t have elevators where you live, think about who you can ask for help to carry the box to your room. You must treat it with care! You don’t want it to get buckled or hurt before using her (or him).

The adult dolls can fulfill all your fantasies; they have three holes, mouth, vagina, and anus. They are realistic sex dolls; it is completely natural, healthy, and very satisfying for many people. Everything is customizable depending on where you get the sex doll; the size and depth of the sexual orifices can see in detail where you purchase. 

Once you have it assembled and placed on the bed, the first thing to do is to clean it. Some huge tits sex doll may have a soft layer of oil in the skin, which you should clean gently. It is also recommended to clean it with warm water to make it as clean as possible. Always clean with gentle and soft movements, do not scrub or rub. You can also get an irrigator to clean and completely rinse the body.

Once ready for use, a couple of things are recommended before the moment of absolute satisfaction and bliss; it is best to use a lubricant. Water-based lubricants, not oil-based ones, because they can ruin and fade your favorite sex doll. Water-based ones are easy to clean, do not fade, and do not leave things sticky. A little water-based lube will be best, and you’ll feel like you’re inside a real person. A tip for not filling up with lube might be to put some warm water in at the time – if you’re in doubt about where to finish, you can end inside with no problem! Always then clean up well for your next use. adult dolls are designed for this, and it is a normal and natural thing to do. If you want to use condoms in your fantasy, you can do it without problems. Always verify that you have the way oiled with water-based lubricant to avoid hurting yourself or hurting the doll.

Once you have finished and enjoyed your fantasy with your favorite sex doll, you should clean it with hot water, a towel, or an irrigator in a gentle and circular motion. You can also use baby powder to help with the cleaning. It seems to take a long time to clean, but it is not. It will be as good as new in a few minutes, and you can continue working and fulfilling all your dreams.

Then you must keep it and store it in a safe place, and with white clothes on! Never dark colors. To see how to store your sex doll go to this article –How Should I Store Sex Doll To Make Its Life Longer?-.
Always be safe while using the sex doll, if you will something wrong better stop using or forcing while you change her position, and if there is a problem always send a message to support or the seller.